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What’s in a Name?

Some of you may have seen the story in the press recently about a man who split up with his girlfriend having already booked an around the world trip. Because the tickets were non-transferable he could not simply give away the other ticket unless the recipient had exactly the same name as his ex. In true creative spirit, the guy advertised online for anyone with the same name to apply to join him on the trip. He duly found a willing participant and they recently completed the adventure together, by all accounts having a great time in the process.

When I read this, probably while I was meant to be doing some important IOC work, (we can edit that out before the boss reads it, right??), it started me thinking about another group of people, forever damned by a name. I speak, of course, about those lovelorn romantics who stamp their skin with the names of their beloved in tattoo form, only to find out that ‘X and Y forever’ would only be accurate if ‘forever’ lasted about eighteen months. Once the relationship ends, what do they do about their indelible marks? Cover ups are one option, where a larger, darker tattoo is used to obliterate the other. But why not take a leaf out of our round the world hero’s book? Simply advertise online for a new partner with the same name? I might have just found a niche in the online dating world right there. Where’s Dragon’s Den when you need it? (A small aside, my main issue with that show is that, mythically, dragons live in lairs, not dens….I can’t be the only person who gets irritated by this stuff…can I?)

We could set up a website based purely on names and / or nicknames to match existing tattoos. There could also be a sub section for people willing to amend existing tattoos to incorporate a new name. Got a tattoo of ‘Ann’? No problem. You would welcome messages from people named Anne, Annie, Annette, Annabel…etc.

If anyone would like to invest in this ground breaking concept, let’s call it £100k for 10%. Alternatively, you could pick up 100% of a genuine IOC art piece for a mere £75. Surely even Dragons Lair would invest in that.