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It’s a Woman’s World

Exciting times here at IOC HQ. With the Three Lionesses roaring in the women’s world cup and Leeds’ own boxing star, Nicola Adams, taking gold in the European games, what better time to announce the next stage of the IOC world domination* plan? Coming soon is our first ever set of IOC pieces exclusively for women. From the mind and pen of tattoo genius Claire Hamill, comes a set of three new designs, a limited number of which will be available in a new female cut.

Here at IOC we like to give our public what it wants and we have received numerous questions about why there is no women’s range available. We believe our designs can be equally suited to anyone, whatever their gender. After all, there’s no sexism in great art. Having said that, we recognise that some of you lovely IOC-ites would prefer more choice regarding the shape and fit of your wearable art. If the idea is popular we will continue to produce the female style in future pieces. But, never fear, all new pieces will continue to be available in the ‘classic’ unisex style as well.

So now it’s over to you. We really want your thoughts and feedback so drop us a line. Answers on a postcard. Well, in an email.

*kind of like a Bond villain, but with less evil and more t-shirts.